Switching mouse buttons issue in games

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Switching mouse buttons issue in games

Post by JoWw » 27 Nov 2023, 19:41

Hello everyone,

I've made some research but never found the answer :

I'am left handed. I just bought a new mouse (gpro wireless) (in my previous mouse (zowie fk2) I could change the right and left click in the mouse program), and it seems logitech doesn't have an inside inverting option.
So I do it on windows like everyone, works find for most game, but not on the game I mostly play : DayZ. I could of course change the keybinds ingame to fire, ads etc but I also need my left click to navigate in the inventory.

So I try AutoHotkey and use these simple script :

RButton:: LButton
LButton:: RButton

Works fine on windows, but once in DayZ it clicks each button as if I was clicking right and left click at the same time

Is there another command I could use ? Or a way to make this command work properly ?
Or Anyone has another idea on how I could try to invert the buttons so the game recognizes it ?

(Please don't question that I play left handed :D, it's just like that)

Thank you very much :)

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