My macro is stuck

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My macro is stuck

Post by yetek453 » 06 Dec 2023, 16:08

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#If WinActive("Roblox")
Suspend, Toggle
Send w{w down}
KeyWait w
Send {w up}
While GetKeyState("LButton", "P")
        Sleep 20  ;  milliseconds
Its the macro rn... The problem is- when I hold W key and run normally... I m just holding LButton for auto clicking and my screen is like freezing sometimes ? Even if I stop holding W key after that it keeps going and clicking ? It's like the macros are conflicting- I tried removing $ and adding other things but nothing worked... :problem:

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Re: My macro is stuck

Post by mikeyww » 07 Dec 2023, 08:54

Use braces after a While statement if you intend to have a :arrow: code block.

Why do you need a tilde for your hotkey?

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