Valorant AHK not working after the latest patc

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Valorant AHK not working after the latest patc

Post by kurozi » 07 Dec 2023, 04:13

I have been using this ahk for the past year, I haven't been once reported or banned. It's pretty simple. When the crosshair comes into a contact with anything that's purple (while I hold the alt button), it shoots a bullet once.

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KeyWait, alt, D
CoordMode, Pixel, Screen
PixelSearch, FoundX, FoundY, 957, 519, 961, 583, 0xA145A3, 30, Fast RGB
If (ErrorLevel = 0){
sleep, 30
send {Lbutton down}
sleep, 10
send {lbutton up}
But now, after the patch yesterday, it doesn't work idk why. My game is on windowed fullscreen, I pressed F2 and everything, administrator mode etc. Though, when I alt tab out of the game, the character shoots sometimes. Any help would be appreciated please.

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Re: Valorant AHK not working after the latest patc

Post by mikeyww » 07 Dec 2023, 08:47

Welcome to this AutoHotkey forum!

If you believe that the color is present, check it as follows.

1. MouseMove to the coordinate to verify it.
2. Use PixelGetColor, and display the color at that location.

Try without full screen as well.

Some games block scripting.

You do not need to wait, in a loop, for a key to be pressed each time. This is the purpose of a hotkey.

Your current script requires very precise timing between the key press and when the pixel is found. This is not necessary, and it decreases the chances of success. Instead, you can have a loop that repeatedly searches for your target color after your special key is pressed. When the search succeeds, your button can be activated. Many forum scripts-- hundreds or thousands-- have been posted that accomplish this task.

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