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Script request for MMO

Post by GR0MIT » 17 Sep 2014, 08:27

Hey guys I need help creating a universal script for MMO's that i can edit if needed. Would preffer the script to be in an uncomplicated setup.

I'll try and write this in a script type layout so you can understand what i want but i'll explain the basics of it in the following paragraph.

When i press the ` tilde key the script becomes active, it holds down an assigned key until deactivated (for example the R mouse button) when the script is activated i would like the R and L mouse buttons to be reassigned the keys - and +, i can then press ` again to deactivate the script. I would also like a section of the script to contain a number of extra keys to deactivate the script if i were to press I for Inventory for example or M for Map. This is for MMO's like Archeage and Guild Wars 2 who's camera is free but i would like to lock the camera so they play like TERA or Neverwinter. I don't want to hold the right mouse button down as this makes my finger ache and it's a waste of a key.


` = Activate/Deactivate script

L Mouse = -

R Mouse = +

M = Deactivate Script

I= Deactivate Script

S = Deactivate Script


Please make it so it's easy for me to edit keys so I can tailor it to each MMO i play. There are several different variants of this script in the form of programs for games such as Wildstar, WoW, RIFT, ArcheAge but i would like to use just one easily edited script for all of these games and so i don't have to wait for a new mod when a game is released or the game is updated and the program no longer detects game.

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Re: Script request for MMO

Post by evilC » 19 Sep 2014, 07:55

What part do you need help with?

If the bit that daunts you is making the script configurable so that you can easily edit the keys for different games, then I have written a library that should help you there.

It allows you to write GUIfied scripts that handle the binding of whichever hotkeys you like to the functions you write.
It also has a profile system, so you can have different bindings for different games.
It also simplifies AHK's GUI system, making it easy to associate a GUI control with a variable, and have the state of that GUI control saved with the profile.

Here is an example of how you can make a configurable GUIfied script in 20 lines of code: ... ge-example

The rest of what you describe sounds pretty simple - all you need is to set some global variables when users press certain keys and act accordingly.

If you do not know how to code, it is probably simpler to write a limited set of functionality (eg the bit to lock the RMB so you do not have to hold it to mouse look) with hard-coded controls. Once you understand that, it would be easier to write the fully fledged configurable script.

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Re: Script request for MMO

Post by luckyloser » 28 Sep 2014, 07:23

I think there's an app for that :D
I don't think it's an universal script but there's already a control panel where you can edit the monitored window so that it can adapt to different games.
Since it's inspired by the combat mod 1.1 by pvpproject for GW2 it does do the holding right mouse button stuff and more...
There's at least one key to suspend the whole script, 2 keys to activate/deactivate the script and at least 10 other keys to just deactivate.
You can try searching in reddit for 'yet another combat', and since I'm the author I probably can give support.

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