Help with DLL call

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Help with DLL call

Post by cronoxliker » 15 Dec 2020, 13:56

Hello, I found a dll that simulates human mouse movements but I can not make it work, who can help me?

Source from 'mousedll.cpp':

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MOUSEDLL_API int MouseClick(const HWND hwnd, const RECT rect, const MouseButton button, const int clicks)

https /OpenHoldem/MouseDLL.html Broken Link for safety

ty :dance:

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Re: Help with DLL call

Post by swagfag » 16 Dec 2020, 02:32

ull have to find out what the defines are mapped to. if HWND and RECT are the ones from the windows headers, their type is Ptr. MouseButton could be anything(a pointer, an enum, etc), so ud have to check.
sample code could look like this:

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DllCall("the_dll_name.dll\MouseClick", "Ptr", some_hwnd, "Ptr", &of_a_varsetcapacity_allocated_rect, ??????, ?????, "Int", number_of_clicks)

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