Delete my account please!

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Delete my account please!

Post by MolecularFae » 09 Dec 2023, 19:52

I want my account delete gone forever

I tried contacting you all but no one responded

now thankfully i know every topic has to be approved by a moderator so

do not publish this post just read it

and begin the process of permantently terminating this account i want it deleted for good!

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Re: Delete my account please!

Post by joedf » 09 Dec 2023, 21:44

Hi there! :+1:
Your first 10 posts need to be approved, after that you can post without approval. This helps with preventing spam. Account deletion are handled by admins.
I can delete your account if you want, sad to see you go so soon... I approved your post without fully reading it... Sorry for any misunderstandings.

If you are certain, please let me know.
Kind regards.
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