v2 Beta - installer plans?

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Re: v2 Beta - installer plans?

Post by SandyClams » 10 May 2021, 20:08

lexikos wrote:
02 May 2021, 07:19
I think it's worth it, especially because combining embedded scripts with the full interpreter opens up further possibilities.
just want to chime in and say I personally think this is a pretty awesome direction to go in, and I hope you keep up with it. I saw your test build in the Ahk2Exe thread and spent like two hours earlier today copying your changes into the v2 source, was my first real venture into the codebase. (I can't stand v1, pretty much can't even use it, which was my justification.) Meanwhile, I don't even know what I want to do with the new functionality, really, just think it's a sweet direction overall and I'm pretty hyped to mess around with it. Cheers

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