зажатие лкм

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зажатие лкм

Post by bloodytears » 04 Jan 2021, 12:17

как сделать здесь, что бы лкм не просто кликал а зажимался на определенное время?

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#SingleInstance, force
; #Warn  ; Enable warnings to assist with detecting common errors.
SendMode Input
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%

;========== CONFIGURATION ==========

;Set this to false if you want the script to start active rather than suspended.
global suspend = false

;Key configuration. Change this if your keybinds differ from the default ones.

global attack := "LButton"
global block := "RButton"
global skillOne :=
global skillTwo := "q"
global skillThree := 
global skillFour := 
global skillFive := "f"
global skillUltimate := "r"
;The default key here is "`" ("``" in the script due to technical reasons for special characters), 
;which changes depending on keyboard layout. 
;So if you use multiple layouts, I recommend changing it to something else, 
;and adjusting the game configuration accordingly.
;For example if you switch to German layout, "`" turns into "ö" in game settings, 
;which is on a different key.
global barSwap := "y"
;Key to use to activate/suspend the script.
;Default: ";"
global suspendKey := ";"
;Key to use for toggling skillFive on/off.
;Default: "^Tab" (ctrl+tab)
global toggleFiveKey := ";"

;0 - Pressing the suspendKey toggles the script on/off.
;1 - If suspendKey is CapsLock, NumLock or ScrollLock,
;    the script state will be active when the corresponding lock is active.
global suspendKeyBehavior := 1

;Change this to false if you don't want skillFive to be activated when running the script.
global enableFive := true

;If you don't want to weave when using ultimate, set this to false.
global enableUlti := false

;Enable or disable block cancelling on the given skills.
;WARNING: If you enable any of these functions, this macro is more likely to be considered botting.
global enableBlockCancel := false
global enableBlockCancelq := false
global enableBlockCancel := false
global enableBlockCancel := false
global enableBlockCancelf := false
global enableBlockCancel := false

;Change this to false if you want to disable weaving on individual keys, but allow 
;block cancelling to continue.
global enableWeave := false
global enableWeaveq := true
global enableWeave := false
global enableWeave := false
global enableWeavef := false
global enableWeaveU := false

;Increasing this vaule might help if you see that the light attacks don't go off before the skill.
;Keep this as low as you can for the best result.
global msDelay := 250

;msGlobalCooldown + msDelay must be >= 950 ms. On some skills you might need more, on others less.
;Adjust this depending on whether you want it to be more reliable on slower skills, or faster on those
;skills that allow it but timing it manually on the slower skills.
global msGlobalCooldown := 900

;Both skill and bar swap cooldowns have to be over before you can do a light attack.
;Whichever ends later is considered.
;msBarSwapCooldown + msDelay must be >= 250 ms.
global msBarSwapCooldown := 300

;This determines how many button presses will be executed later if the input comes before
;the global cooldown (GCD) is over. 
;If this is set to 0, you have to time the key presses manually to make sure light attacks go off. 
;Any number greater than that will cause the inputs to be saved and used automatically 
;when the GCD is over. 
;If the queue is full, new presses will override the last performed input.
;queueLength = 1 will result in skill behavior like in ESO by default, but would allow the script
;to insert light attacks between the skills.
global queueLength := 1

;The following parameters are inactive unless you enabled block cancelling.
;The default values were successfully tested with Endless Hail (Bow skill) at low latency.
;You might want to adjust them depending on what skills you will be cancelling and your internet connection.

;This is used to determine how long to wait, after a skill was used, before blocking.
global msBlockDelay := 500
;This is used to determine how long to hold block once it's triggered.
global msBlockHold := 50
SetMouseDelay , -1

While GetKeyState("Lbutton", "P")   
Click down
Sleep 240
Click up
Sleep 52

;========== END OF CONFIGURATION ==========

;Do not change anything starting here, unless you know what you are doing.
global lastSkillActivation := -msGlobalCooldown
global lastLoopIteration := -msGlobalCooldown
global lastBarSwap := -msBarSwapCooldown

global queue := Object()

Hotkey, %skillTwo%, s2, On
Hotkey, %skillFive%, s5, On
Hotkey, %skillUltimate%, su, On
Hotkey, %barSwap%, bs, On
Hotkey, %suspendKey%, susp, On
Hotkey, %toggleFiveKey%, t5, On

;#ifWinActive Elder Scrolls Online
#ifWinActive ahk_class EsoClientWndClass

if (suspend) {

;This fixes an apparent bug that causes the first hotkey to be triggered even when not used
;if that keybind is set via a variable. These 2 lines basically intercept the Esc key,
;do nothing, and then pass it through.

    ;Suspend has to be the first action for a hotkey to remain active when script is suspended.
    ;If suspendKeyBehavior == 1, and the suspend key is either of the togglable buttons,
    ;synchronize the script activity and the button state (so when for example CapsLock is on,
    ;the script is also on, so that if you press CapsLock when the game is inactive,
    ;the state of the script and the CapsLock do not get desynchronized).
    if ((suspendKeyBehavior == 1) && (RegExMatch(suspendKey, "CapsLock$|NumLock$|ScrollLock$", key))) {
        ;If suspendKeyBehavior == 1, sync up the suspend action to the key state.
        if (key == "CapsLock") {
            SetCapsLockState, % GetKeyState(key, "t") ? "Off" : "On"
        } else if (key == "NumLock") {
            SetNumLockState, % GetKeyState(key, "t") ? "Off" : "On"
        } else if (key == "ScrollLock") {
            SetScrollLockState, % GetKeyState(key, "t") ? "Off" : "On"
        Suspend, % GetKeyState(key, "t") ? "Off" : "On"

    enableFive := !enableFive

    ;If script is suspended, reset queue and stop execution.
    if (A_IsSuspended) {
    lastLoopIteration := A_TickCount
    timerDelay := 1
    if (queue.MaxIndex() >= 1) {
        skill := lastSkillActivation + msGlobalCooldown
        swap := lastBarSwap + msBarSwapCooldown
        lastRelevantAction := swap > skill ? lastBarSwap : lastSkillActivation
        if (lastRelevantAction + msGlobalCooldown > lastLoopIteration) {
            timerDelay := lastRelevantAction + msGlobalCooldown - lastLoopIteration
        } else {
            W := queue.Remove(1)
    } else {
        timerDelay := msGlobalCooldown
    ;Make sure the timerDelay value is always negative
    timerDelay := timerDelay >= 1 ? -timerDelay : -1
    ;timerDelay has to be negative to be executed once. Positive values make it periodic.
    SetTimer, Loop, %timerDelay%

Schedule(key, enabled, blockCancel, weave)
    if (queueLength > 0 && enabled && (blockCancel || weave)) {
        ;Make sure we don't exceed max. queue size.
        qSize := queue.MaxIndex() ? queue.MaxIndex() : 0
        if (qSize < queueLength) {
            W := Func("Weave").Bind(key, enabled, blockCancel, weave)
        } else { ;If queue size is exceeded, override the latest entry (default ESO behavior).
            W := Func("Weave").Bind(key, enabled, blockCancel, weave)
        SetTimer, Loop, Delete
    } else { ;If the GCD is over and the queue is empty, there is no reason to wait.
        Weave(key, enabled, blockCancel, weave)

    ql := queue.MaxIndex()
    while (queue.MaxIndex() >= 1) {

;key - the key to activate after weaving. 
;enabled - whether weaving is enabled.
;blockCancel - whether the animation will be block cancelled.
Weave(key, enabled, blockCancel, weave)
    if (enabled && weave) {
        if (!GetKeyState(attack) && !GetKeyState(block)) {
            Send, {%attack%}
            Sleep msDelay
    Send, {%key%}
    dm := A_TickCount-lastSkillActivation
    OutputDebug, Time since last skill: %dm%
    lastSkillActivation := A_TickCount
    if (enabled && blockCancel && !GetKeyState(attack) && !GetKeyState(block)) {
        Sleep msBlockDelay
        if (!GetKeyState(attack) && !GetKeyState(block)) {
            Send, {%block% down}
            Sleep msBlockHold
            Send, {%block% up}

    Schedule(skillOne, true, enableBlockCancel1, enableWeave1)

    Schedule(skillTwo, true, enableBlockCancelq, enableWeaveq)

    Schedule(skillThree, true, enableBlockCancel3, enableWeave3)

    Schedule(skillFour, true, enableBlockCancel4, enableWeave4)

    Schedule(skillFive, enableFive, enableBlockCancelf, enableWeavef)

    Schedule(skillUltimate, enableUlti, enableBlockCancelU, enableWeaveU)

    lastBarSwap := A_TickCount
    Send, %barSwap%
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Re: зажатие лкм

Post by B_JACK_ » 01 Feb 2021, 06:27

я не знаю как тебе помочь с этим кодом, но у меня есть свой "в первой строке можешь указать любую клавишу для включения и выключения, но ahk изначально включён "

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SetMouseDelay 10
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