AHK Studio debugger not working properly?

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AHK Studio debugger not working properly?

Post by DaveT1 » 11 Dec 2019, 04:20


Appealing to all AHK Studio users - am I the only one having the following debugging problem?:

1) Set some breakpoints.
2) Then run the debugger via Ctrl+D.
3) Then click 'Click here to show variable browser' to show the same.
4) Then step and run to the next breakpoint using the options at the bottom of the Variable Browser.

When I've done debugging:

5) I click Stop on the Variable Browser ... in the Debug Window I get a message Execution Complete and the Variable Browser reamins open.

So far so good. At this stage I've finished debugging for the moment, so I close the Variable Browset using 'X' top right. Then I probably make some code adjustments and I am ready to re-run the debugger to see how those changes work out .... AND HERE IS WHERE THE PROBLEMS START:

6) I re-launch the debugger with Ctrl+D.

I then get a msgbox showing '10048' and nothing else. So I click 'OK', the msgbox dissappears and the Debug Window shows 'Initialising Debugger, Please Wait...'. But then nothing further happens. It feels like AHK Studio has hung at this point. The only way I've found to break out of this is to close AHK Studio and start again. I've searched for '10048' in AHK Studio code, but can't find it.

Obviously this is pretty inconvenient - is there something I'm not doing right to gain access to the debugger a second time in the same AHK Studio session?

This is driving me a bit potty. I'm actually desperate to use AHK Studio for most everything, but this is giving me serious concerns. So I'd be very grateful for any help in solving this one.

Posts: 83
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Re: AHK Studio debugger not working properly?

Post by DaveT1 » 12 Dec 2019, 08:45

In case this helps anyone else, I think I may have an answer to my own Q:

It seems that my C drive has some folder attributes that mean that AHK Studio doesn't work properly! I've changed all the security setting for my AHK-Studio-Master folder to 'Allow'. Now I can save settings between sessions and run the debugger multiple times in the same session :dance:.

Phew, now I can concentrate on better understanding all the goodness that is in AHK Studio. Sorry if this wasted anyone's time.

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