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Intermediate AutoHotkey on Udemy

Post by Joe Glines » 20 May 2020, 11:46

I'm stoked to announce that my is now Intermediate AutoHotkey Course is now on Udemy.

You can watch this video where I walk through what is covered in the course (or look below).

If you use this link you'll be able to purchase it for ~$12.99. I'm also giving away 10 coupons for free access to the Intermediate course to those that sign up for my Alerts. (Drawing will be done June 1st and I'll refund initial payment to anyone that buys now and then wins)

Intermediate AutoHotkey Course Overview over 5 hours of content
  • Intro
    • About Joe Glines
    • Why you should learn AutoHotkey
    • AutoHotkey Resources
    • Installing AutoHotkey and AHK Studio
  • Recommended Default Settings
  • Various Types of Send
  • Using a SetTimer (help simulate mult-threading)
  • Creating, reading and writing initialization files (.ini files)
  • Working with the Windows Registry
  • Utilizing Controls (over 40 videos on this alone!)
  • Selecting menus in (older) windows programs
  • Loops
    • Basic Loop
    • While
    • Until
    • Parsing Text
    • Files and Folders
    • Simple Arrays
    • Associative Arrays

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