QPC based timer seems to affect sleep

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QPC based timer seems to affect sleep

Post by evilC » 27 Feb 2014, 13:06


In my thread on the regular AHK forums, obeeb seems to reckon that the reason the Send seems to stop execution is that a Send {a} is actually interpreted like Send {a down}; Sleep 50; Send {a up}.

This seems to be correct.

I do have a workaround, but thought I would ask if anyone else could shed more light on the subject.


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Re: QPC based timer seems to affect sleep

Post by obeeb » 01 Mar 2014, 20:15

This http://ahkscript.org/boards/viewtopic.p ... 466#p13581 seems to be the answer.
lexicos wrote:Your callback is being called on a thread other than the script's main thread. This causes difficult-to-predict behaviour since AutoHotkey is not designed to be multi-threaded. It's almost surprising that the script works at all.

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