button spam releases manually held keys? [SOLVED] Topic is solved

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button spam releases manually held keys? [SOLVED]

Post by PlainPlaying » 21 Sep 2020, 07:09

I am trying to make a script that spams the buttons x,z while you are holding Ctrl+Alt+F4, And it isn't working, It doesn't press the x,z after one time it does press them, and than it stops, When I tested it, I found that after the first time it pressed x,z the Ctrl and Alt stopped being pressed for no apparent reason, Here's the code:

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SendMode Input
	If (getKeyState("Ctrl","P") && GetKeyState("F4", "P") && getKeyState("Alt","P")){
		Send {x down}{x up}
		Send {z down}{z up}
Can somone help me?
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Re: button spam releases manually held keys?  Topic is solved

Post by Yakshongas » 21 Sep 2020, 08:15

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SetKeyDelay, 50, 50

While, GetKeyState("LControl", "P") && GetKeyState("LAlt", "P") && GetKeyState("F4", "P")
    Send, xz
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