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Discuss Robotics Process Automation. RPA is a rapidly growing field with 6 figure incomes and an extreme workforce shortage. This sub forum will be used to discuss aspects of RPA as it relates to both scripting languages and RPA software such as UIPath or Automation Anywhere
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Post by burque505 » 17 Dec 2020, 14:05

I downloaded this RPA platform a couple of months ago and didn't try it out until today. Very impressive! The AHK editor even has syntax highlighting.
It is a big, fat, humongous install, but worth it. If you want to you use the webdriver functions you'll likely have to update them. For me, with Chrome 87, at first I got the message that only Chrome 85 is supported. I downloaded an updated driver and installed it at "C:\Users\burque505\AppData\Local\\ Studio\resources\static\Techforce\src\chromedriver.exe". I assume (but don't know) that the same may be required for Firefox. There is also Edge support, apparently, with some caveats.
Get it here. Create an account (you may need a 'business email', but the program is indeed free). Log in and download the Studio.
Take a look at this:
ahk.PNG (20.5 KiB) Viewed 923 times

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