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Re: CallTipsForAll v2 - 2020/07/10 - a115

Posted: 09 Jul 2020, 23:42
by TheArkive
Update 2020/07/10
  • parser completely rewritten
  • functions moved around to separate parser from call-tip functions
  • parsing performance drastically improved
  • Auto-Complete gui improved while typing, no longer creates/destroys every keystroke, reduces errors while typing fast (haven't had one since the update!)
  • minor work-around for bug addressed in AutoHotkey commit 89337467
  • Language file format adjusted, check docs if you wish to write your own (warning: ya might need a new parser too)
  • A few object detections have been lost, mostly objects defined by the format of an expression (mostly for built-in callback functions) - these will be re-added later
Unless you guys are able to address some bugs, or really good suggestions or something, this will be the last update for a bit. Now I'm going to start using this to convert some old AHK v1 libs to AHK v2. I hope to find/fix bugs in the process of using this. I will still be checking the forums of course.

Post any bugs/errors you find please!

Re: CallTipsForAll v2 - 2020/07/17 - a116

Posted: 17 Jul 2020, 04:39
by TheArkive
Update 2020/07/17
  • updated code for AHK v2-a116
  • modified auto-complete to show a more complete list
  • added (o) and (c) to Auto-Complete results for objects and classes
  • Auto-Complete now filters methods / properties of classes based on class/instance/static or not
  • fixed a few intuitive issues with Auto-Complete closing when clicking on the scroll bar

Re: CallTipsForAll v2 - 2020/07/19 - a117

Posted: 19 Jul 2020, 12:59
by TheArkive
Update 2020/07/19
  • Applied fixes for a117 - nothing major