[Paused] Looking for Volunteers

Currently looking for volunteers for moderation of international language forums. Post in here.
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Re: [Paused] Looking for Volunteers

Post by penguinthedawn » 23 Mar 2024, 10:40

I've been permitted to translate the AHK documents to Japanese and make some commit with OmegaT for last 2 weeks.

The page "https://github.com/autohotkey-docs-translation" says that "click on Project > Commit Target Files and let us know via PM, so we can publish the docs. If you have questions,", so I commit my change by OmegaT as instructions but I am not authorised to compose the message to anyone.

I want to reflect changes though they might not be enough amount. I need help, thank you.

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Re: [Paused] Looking for Volunteers

Post by joedf » 23 Mar 2024, 12:37

Thanks for the work you've done, over 380 commits just in the past 2 weeks!
I think the step you've mentioned is just to update what is shown here: https://ahkscript.github.io/ja/docs/v2/

I think @Ragnar can do that for you. :thumbup:
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Re: [Paused] Looking for Volunteers

Post by Ragnar » 23 Mar 2024, 13:27

Thanks for your work, @penguinthedawn. I've updated the Japanese docs.

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