Is empty return still required in V2? Topic is solved

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Is empty return still required in V2?

Post by Coiler » 06 Dec 2020, 11:20

I noticed in the docs for V2, the page for "return" does not have a return at the end of the hotkey in the example at the bottom of the page. Here's the hot-key code for convenience:

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#z::  ; Win-Z
^#z::  ; Ctrl-Win-Z
    MsgBox "A Win-Z hotkey was pressed."
    if GetKeyState("Ctrl")
        return  ; Finish early, skipping the function call below.
I was wondering if this means that return is no longer required at the end of hotkeys and functions as long as they use scope brackets { }?

I've always had trouble remembering to add empty returns to everything, coming from a C++ background where its not required. I'm also a coder that absolutely has to add comments above every line of code explaining what's happening, and there is absolutely nothing meaningful to comment about an empty return 8-)

Example of one of my functions:

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	; clear tic states after every command (do this BEFORE sending the hot-key, in case the key some how triggers more changes)
	LinkTic := TicNONE

	; send command & return
	Send( com )


	; done

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Re: Is empty return still required in V2?  Topic is solved

Post by swagfag » 07 Dec 2020, 03:06

its not required. v2 hotkeys are now entirely based on functions instead of labels. a function whose scope ends implicitly returns an empty string. single line hotkeys implicitly return(same as in v1)

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