Subtract in Word? Topic is solved

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Subtract in Word?  Topic is solved

Post by Krd » 22 Mar 2020, 06:25


I have a word document which is consisting of 2 pages. In page 1 there is always a value from 0 and up.

In page 2 the value is always greater than 1.

Number format is 0000.

I have made a macro in word which copies value in number 1 and it jumps to page 2 and highlights the next value and stops there.

How can autohotkey take over and subtract the the copied value from the highlighted value? It can paste the result in same place as hilighted or just have it on clipboard so I can simply paste is with macros in word or manually Ctrl + v.

The number format can be converted for currencies 0 000 separate line of code if possible?

Thank you

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