Right click and hold + left click to enable LOOP to work. And stop working when the left button is lifted

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Right click and hold + left click to enable LOOP to work. And stop working when the left button is lifted

Post by laco » 18 Mar 2020, 04:12

I ask for help
I searched for many threads. And tried all day and failed :cry:

I have a script that I use.
Is a script that presses the left click and the loop works. Lift the left button out, the button will stop working.

* I want to change to hold right click then press left click for the loop to work
and left button up to stop working.

It's a shooting game that I use.
In which this game must be zoomed in with the right click before shooting with the left click.

The old scripts I used were always working while I wasn't zooming and I still didn't want to shoot.
I need help
I want the script to work when I right click to zoom and left click to shoot and the loop will work.

Old script i have

Code: Select all

SendMode Input
IniRead, Key1, Settings.ini, Settings, SuspendKey, Capslook
IniWrite, %Key1%, Settings.ini, Settings, SuspendKey
Hotkey, %Key1%, ~$hkWrite
Gui Color, 0x000000
Gui Font, c0xB4BD02
TrayTip, Entity PUBX64Build, Now Running in the Background!, 2
Gui, Add, Text, x80 y75 w75 h20 +0x200 +center, Suspend:
Gui, Add, ComboBox, x80 y95 w120 vSuspend, Capslook||XButton1|Delete|F1|F2|F3|F4|F5|TAB
Gui Add, ComboBox, x80 y40 w120 vRCT, 5||1|2|3|4|5|6|7
Gui, Add, Button, gSaveVal x80 y120, Save
Gui, Add, Button, gLoadVal x130 y120, Load
Gui Add, Text, x80 y16 w95 h23 +0x200 +center, Recoil Timing: 
Gui Show, w300 h150, Entity PUBX64 V1.0 (ALPHA)
GetKeyState, State, LButton, P
if state=u
Gui, Submit, nohide
sleep, 5
Suspend, Permit
Suspend, Toggle
IniDelete, Settings.ini, NoRecoil, RecoilTiming
IniRead, SaveVal1, Settings.ini, NoRecoil, RecoilTiming, %RCT%
IniWrite, %SaveVal1%, Settings.ini, NoRecoil, RecoilTiming
MsgBox, Saved Config
goSub ~$hkWrite
IniRead, ReadVal1, Settings.ini, NoRecoil, RecoilTiming
IniWrite, %ReadVal1%, Settings.ini, NoRecoil, RecoilTiming
GuiControl, choosestring, RCT, %ReadVal1%
MsgBox, Loaded Config
goSub ~$hkWrite

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