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Need Help With a Few Gaming Scripts

Post by Lystig » 22 Mar 2020, 09:21

Hey guys,

I've tried to make some scripts for this myself without too much success - I'm not very good at coding. :/

Basically I want to try to make some "quality of life" improvements by implementing three AHK scripts for playing Diablo 3 - i.e. lessening the amount of buttons I have to spam to reduce strain on my fingers/wrists.

Script 1 Description: In Diablo 3, you can move either by using left-click (which is also always assigned to a skill, which can be sort of problematic since sometimes when you want to move, you'll end up attacking if using left-click) or you can use Force Move (can be bound to pretty much any key except for left click and right click - this action will force you to move and cannot result in an attack/interaction with objects). Most people recommend binding mouse scroll up/down for force move so that you simply scroll when you want to move. This works quite well if you have a mouse with with a free-spinning scroll wheel (one "flick" and you'll move for a long time until you stop the wheel). I don't have such a mouse, so I have to scroll very often for this strategy to work. The script I want should sort of emulate a free-spinning scroll wheel. Basically: Whenever I scroll up or down I want to begin a loop where the "scroll down" key is sent continuously at an interval of x milliseconds. The loop should last y milliseconds and should be refreshed every time I perform a scroll up or scroll down with my mouse. Additionally, I want the loop to be broken whenever I press any of the keys from a pre-determined list (e.g. shift, right-click, q, 1, and so on - so basically whenever I want to cast an ability and thus stop moving, I don't want to keep spamming Force Move).

Script 2 Description: Very often in Diablo 3, you have to gamble for items, which you do by right-clicking whatever item you want to gamble for at the gamble vendor. One right click equals one gambled item. You get a lot of currency for gambling, so quite often you have to spam right click a lot. I want a script where when I press and hold left ctrl and right mouse key, the right mouse key action will be sent continuously at an interval of x milliseconds until I release either the left ctrl or the right mouse key (or both) (so that I can gamble more quickly and without having to spam my mouse).

Script 3 Description: Say you have a melee ability bound to your right mouse button. If you are not in melee range of a monster and you right click said monster, your character will attempt to move in range of the monster and then cast the melee ability. However, there is also a "Force Stand Still" modifier in the game, usually bound to the Shift key. When you hold down shift, any ability that you click (e.g. the melee ability from before) will simply be cast without your character moving (in the direction of your mouse). This is quite useful, but you end up having to hold down shift quite a lot. What I want is a script that makes it so that whenever I press one of my ability buttons (e.g. right click or q), it will still activate whatever key that I am pressing, but it will also activate the Shift key modifier (until I release the key again). This will allow me to "attack in place" without having to manually activate the shift key.

Thanks for any help you can give me!

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