GTA 5 Status function for interaction menu

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GTA 5 Status function for interaction menu

Post by MrTurett » 28 Oct 2020, 09:41

Hi Guys!
I would like to ask some help, I make a status function for my macros in GTA 5.

If I register CEO in game my interaction menu changed a little bit, it adds one more menu point for the default, and my macros make other thing.

The functions (macros) operate independently of each other, the difference between CEO or non CEO status only the plus one Down button.
CurrentlyI I use two other button (F1 or Ctrl +F1), for same function (depending on it I CEO or not), but I would like use one button (macro), independently I CEO or not.
I have about 15 macro which I use (independently I CEO or not).

Code: Select all

RegCeo  := "Numpad0"
OffCeo :=  "NumpadSub"
Set of normal buttons: Up, Down, Enter ( nothing extra)
Open iteraction menu : Tab (in game setting)
[b]Open int menu if I reg CEO: Tab + Down[/b]

Exampe macro (call the car):      ; non CEO status
Send {Tab}       ;its open the iteraction menu (in game setting)
Sleep 300
Send {[b]Down 4[/b]} ; I go in int menu 
Sleep 100
Send {Enter 3}             ; I choose what I need in int menu ( 2 enter go in second layer, 1 enter to choose)

Exampe macro:      ;if registred as CEO 
Send {Tab}          
Sleep 300
Send {[b]Down 5[/b]}    ; (in CEO status I need one more Down or Up)
Sleep 100
Send {Enter 3}       

So my all 15 macros need only a one plus {Down} in function, depending I in CEO or not.

How can I make this ?


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