Help with SOCD cleaner

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Help with SOCD cleaner

Post by Arod » 29 Oct 2020, 09:57

Ok so basically what i need help with is creating a script that enables me to use SOCD on a keyboard, this is useful for fighting games this basically allows me to emulate a controller called a hitbox which is the optimal controller used in fighting games. I will now explain what SOCD is functionally,

In the Hitbox controller, pressing left+right at the same time will result in no keys being pressed at all (aka "neutral") I want this. With the keyboard, if I press left+right, then that results in left+right=last pressed I do not want this.

In practical terms, keyboard wise i want something like this:

If I held E (left) and G (right), nothing would come out.

If I then let go of E, G would come out. If I pressed E again, G would stop coming out and neutral would be achieved. This goes for the inverse as well.

Similarly, Up and down have their own unique properties in a hit box controller that i want emulated. In a hitbox controller up + down being pressed at the same time = Up being recognized and registered.

Functionally in a keyboard i have up and down mapped to Space (up) and R (down).

How would i make a script for this?

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