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Re: Google is blocking

Post by SOTE » 11 Apr 2020, 15:17

joedf wrote:
10 Apr 2020, 22:13
Understood. I'll see what response we get from google.
You might also want to bring up the issue of competing software makers and advocates trying to purposely get your website flagged/banned. The Google warning states- ...has been reported as containing harmful software. This can mean that is being targeted.

It's very, very suspicious that similar automation software and websites such as AutoIt, WinBatch, Kantu, PyAuto, etc... Don't constantly get big red warnings from Google. Especially any closed-source software vs open-source software where anyone can inspect the source. There is something very foul about what is going on, and hopefully you guys can get to the bottom of it. Google is easily manipulated in this way. From their old Google+, to YouTube (rivals flagging and causing bans are constant), and including their other products. They allow rivals and competitors to weaponize their algorithms and features to blacklist and shadow ban/ban their competition.
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Re: Google is blocking

Post by joedf » 11 Apr 2020, 17:28

Duely noted, thanks. :?
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Re: Google is blocking

Post by lexikos » 12 Apr 2020, 17:26

The issue was not that I thought it couldn't be done, but that I'd have to write, test and probably debug the code for it. That would take longer than just manually updating the release on the odd occasions that such is necessary, and even that much is only worth bothering with if there's a significant issue with the release. Using GitHub for releases was only a backup anyway.
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