A big thanks to the AHK Community!

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A big thanks to the AHK Community!

Post by capeably » 03 Sep 2020, 08:24

Hey everyone! I just wanted to give a big "THANK YOU" to everyone here who takes valuable time out of their day to help people figure out how to do stuff with AutoHotkey. So many of you have helped me develop scripts that have literally changed my life, and become a critical part of my day-to-day. I just can't thank you all enough. I often am just filled with gratitude when I use these shortcuts people have helped me with, and I want you to know your efforts are not unappreciated. I'm sure there are many like me who thank God for you guys, and all you've done to help us learn this amazing tool.

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Re: A big thanks to the AHK Community!

Post by mauritius » 10 Nov 2020, 00:46

I often feel the same way so I'm joining in a big thanks for AHK and to the AHK community!
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