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Modded AltTabAlternative

Posted: 29 Oct 2020, 23:58
by asdsk9skdsdas
This is a mod of AltTabAlternative. This script lets you manage your windows probably x5 more efficiently compared to the Windows 10 Alt+Tab. These are the mods I made to the AltTabAlternative.ahk file:
1. removed the process name column: it was unnecessary because the window title was sufficient to identify the window
2. hid the headings: the headings were completely unnecessary with only 1 column
3. open windows with 1 click: the original required a double click to open the window for no good reason; using 1 click is x2 as fast
4. right clicking a window immediately closes it; this is far faster and more convenient compared to using the right click menu or moving your hand to the del key
5. alt + ` opens a menu that remains open until you left click a window (acts like Window + Tab); this is extremely convenient for managing your windows; you can alt + ` then right click to close all the windows you want very fast; it also doesn't force you to hold alt + tab while searching for a window
6. disabled updates: to avoid potentially replacing the mod

1. Download the code from the original Github or the attached zip
2. Download the .ahk and .ini file
3. extract the zip and run the original AltTabAlternative.ahk
4. close the script from the tray
5. replace the original AltTabAlternative.ahk with my one
6. replace C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\AltTabAlternative\AltTabAlternativeSettings.ini with my one

A comparison of the appearance between the original and mod.