Setup Notepad++ for AutoHotkey

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Re: Setup Notepad++ for AutoHotkey

Post by don_dolarson » 09 Mar 2021, 10:12

YaY, it worked just like expected this time. I've previously downloaded them from GitHub. It may be that. Someone needs to verify this.
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Re: Setup Notepad++ for AutoHotkey

Post by jNizM » 16 Apr 2021, 04:47

Added v2 Commands and Functions to userDefineLang.xml
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Re: Setup Notepad++ for AutoHotkey

Post by Joe Glines » 21 Apr 2021, 06:42

We had a great AutoHotkey webinar yesterday on how to setup Notepad++ for AutoHotkey.
You can get the files we created for Notepad++ here (not to mention our tool for pulling up help by hitting F1)

Here's the first hour where we walk through how to install and configure Notepad++. There is a second hour but we didn't discuss Notepad++ much in that hour.

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