Notepad++ userDefineLang_AHK => import fail

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Notepad++ userDefineLang_AHK => import fail

Post by Maxsteinfeld » 06 Aug 2020, 04:15

I want to import actual "userDefineLang_AHK.xml into the actual version of notepad++ (7.8.8 - x64)
result-message: import fail

I get the file from here:
what am I doing wrong
pls help
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Re: Notepad++ userDefineLang_AHK => import fail

Post by raron » 15 Aug 2020, 08:50

Did you fix it? I also get an import fail from that btw.

I have another UDL file for AHK (import works). I'm not sure where I got it exactly, I think I made it a few years back. No guarantees it got all keywords etc. (In fact I just randomly spotted some missing.. which I added. Might be new-ish to AHK? But for sure there are more then). I haven't used AHK much lately. There might be an issue with some variable name coloring some times, IIRC (It seems mostly fine though). It's meant for a dark theme (Settings - Style Configurator).

AutoHotKey UDL for NPP

And here's my dark theme if you want (It's kind of a WIP, same as the UDL file..). It's just modified from NPP's "Black Board" theme. I haven't changed everything (I don't know what they are all for, mostly just default text, background, selection colors etc.).

Extract the file and place it in
(Change to reflect your system ofc).
Select it from Notepad++ menu: Settings - Style Configurator - "Seletct theme" drop-down list.

My NPP dark theme atm

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