AutoSave Session and Retrieve Session Extension

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AutoSave Session and Retrieve Session Extension

Post by aldrinjohnom » 16 Nov 2019, 01:43

OK, so I started this topic because I have seen a very interesting features of Notepad++, sublime text, and cuda-text editor. They can retrieve the previous session of the script even if it was not saved. Example, When I am editing a text and it suddenly crashes or I closed it without saving it, when I open this text editor again it will restore the last session I lefted(even if unsaved).

I have not seen any extensions like this here at SciTE4AutoHotkey forums or any forums and yes, I planned on starting this thread to create this extension with the help of the autohotkey community. The problem is I don't know how to start creating this "AutoSave Session and Retrieve Session Extension".

I have read the document of SciTE4AutoHotkey Extensions and it targets LUA and Properties which I have no skill with.

I currently inspected that there are 4 files for an extension:

Can somebody help me by showing their sample code? The world really needs it :lol: .
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