how to kill a macro

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how to kill a macro

Post by lbn899 » 24 Nov 2020, 07:16

I can't find an answer so I'm posting my doubt.

I need to create a timer and a simple if condition true kill the active timer (or its macro).

I can't seem to find the command to kill a running macro. Any help?
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Re: how to kill a macro

Post by ozz » 30 Nov 2020, 16:08

ExitApp or Break which in PMC 5.0.5 can be accessed by pressing F8 and select it from the drop down menu. There is also "Break" when you go into the loop interface which is F9 and you just click the "Break" button to insert it. Lastly you can turn them off in the "SetTimers" interface which is Ctrl+F9 to bring up. I've never had the functionality of timers work correctly for me in PMC, but just my :twocents:.
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