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[Bug][Debugger]The `d` option of the context_get command does not work when the `c` option is 1 (i.e. static scope)

Posted: 19 Jun 2020, 08:17
by zero-plusplus
Nice to meet everyone.

Two things I want to convey first
1. I use machine translation because I cannot speak English.
2. I may not be used to using the forum, so I may be using it incorrectly.

Now for the main subject.
I am currently developing a debug adapter called `vscode-autohotkey-debug` that works on Visual Studio Code.
I was developing for v1/v2 of AutoHotkey, but I realized that I could debug AutoHotkeyH script without any problem.
And, during the confirmation work, I encountered a bug like the subject.

I'm not familiar with c++, but when I look at the URL below, it seems that the setting of the `d` option is not used and always getting only the latest static scope variables.