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[v1.1.32.00] AhkExported + AhkPostFunction from thread results in a crash

Post by lvalkov » 24 Jun 2020, 17:39

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AhkThread("AhkExported().AhkPostFunction(""threadCallback"", ""Sent from thread."")")

threadCallback(msg) {
	MsgBox % msg

Executing the above snippet with AutoHotkey_H v1.1.32.00 (434d51) results in the thread callback message box being shown briefly, after which point the parent script hangs and a short while later crashes with STATUS_HEAP_CORRUPTION.

Contrast this to executing the AutoHotkey_H v2.0-a110 (2f077b2) syntactic counterpart, where neither crashes nor hangs can be observed. First, the thread callback message box is displayed. It is only then, after it has been dismissed, that the parent script's default message box pops up.

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AhkThread('AhkExported().AhkPostFunction("threadCallback", "Sent from thread.")')

threadCallback(msg) => MsgBox(msg)

Both scripts were ran with their respective 64-bit Unicode /MD interpreters on Windows 10 Build 20H1.
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