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Get help with using AutoHotkey and its commands and hotkeys
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Autohotkey Livechat / Autohotkey IRC / Discord

Post by ChalamiuS » 01 Oct 2013, 13:42

General rules and how to get help
Here's a few pointers on how to get help on IRC/Discord effectively:
  • Read the topic, it contains useful information that could help you get help.
  • Be nice, you're more likely to get help if you are nice to the people in the channel.
  • Be patient, people will help you if they have time to.
  • Provide information about the problem you're facing, pretend we know nothing and explain everything to us.
    • Providing snippets of the code you have problems with usually helps you get proper help (use a pastebin for pasting the code, such as or
    • Demanding people to code for you seldom helps (although asking if someone wants to help you code for a project might work).
  • Finally, use a nickname and not a randomly generated one (basically only applies if you join via WebIRC).
Connecting to Discord

Connecting to IRC
If you have no IRC client installed and don't want to install one there's Freenode's WebIRC, just fill in a nickname and hit Start.

For those who want an IRC client there's a great number of choices (listed with feature comparisons here) such as AdiIRC, mIRC, Pidgin, irssi and WeeChat (for those that fancy the CLI), Miranda, IceChat, HexChat and Quassel.

Connection details:
Port: 6667 (6697 for SSL)
Channel: #ahk

For more information on what IRC is see the wikipedia article.
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Re: Autohotkey Livechat / Autohotkey IRC

Post by tidbit » 02 Oct 2013, 13:40

Things to note:
IRC is often times off-topic. So if you are waiting for us to 'stop' before you ask your question, don't. Just ask your question. And don't ask to ask, since you are still asking something just ask your real question. If anyone is around and willing to help, they will help. Help might not be fully working code, but links to documentation and resources. Often times we do give code, though. Especially if you already have existing code. But don't beg.

After you get help, it's polite to stay in the room if you know you'll be asking for more help soon. It's rude to get help, leave, join. Get help, leave, join. Repeat....
You may also stay in the room whether you got help or not. You'll probably learn (or just have fun) by being in the room, watching us attempt to explain stuff.

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