Notification on event in Windows Event Log

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Notification on event in Windows Event Log

Post by bodo_lokip » 19 Mar 2020, 20:08

Hi there,

my tasks scheduled on my Windows system grew over the years and I want to clean up now. I thought about having a AHK script which would be much nicer to handle. However, scheduled tasks have a neat feature: you can specify a Windows event (https /wiki/Windows_Task_Scheduler) Broken Link for safety as trigger.

I did not see that AHK does allow monitoring of such events (based on the Windows event log). It does not have such a trigger option, right? Might not be a bad feature in my opinion ;)

Please allow me to ask, if someone of you already created a workaround and got a working API call. There seem to be multiple options, e.g.

Yes, it would be easily possible to poll/query regularily, e.g. via "winmgmts". However, I tend to not like such "dirty poll workarounds".

Thanks in advance!

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