Detect unicode keys pressed from TeamViewer, like €?

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Detect unicode keys pressed from TeamViewer, like €?

Post by Revolyze » 20 Mar 2020, 23:59

I would like to make use of certain characters that are specifically not on my keyboard so that I do not accidentally trigger them.
TeamViewer has some keys like €, £, ¥ that I can press which will work great for what I am doing.

I have looked a bit into virtual keys and scan codes, but I am unable to get them to work.
€ shows VK E7 and SC 20AC (Type U)
I have tried detecting both like so

Code: Select all

and the file is able to run but it still does not detect the key press from TeamViewer.
Is my syntax wrong? Maybe I have to somehow specify it is unicode? Or is this perhaps not possible?

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