Move mouse curser to focus curser?

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Move mouse curser to focus curser?

Post by Krd » 22 Mar 2020, 06:39

Hello again.

I have an app. When I hit refresh button which is in top, the mouse courser stays where I did use it last, in my case at top. But the focus or highlighted courser is now longer down in that app, I can now e.g press application bottom on my keyboard and do things like talking notes ect. My mouse courser is still where it was.

It happens that I have to mouse click for actions that are not possible with keyboard. But I can not know how to make mouse courser to follow the focused or highlighted current line.

Same thing can be the case in other apps like Excel ect. When you click on cell nr1 and stay typing followed by tab until you are further away from mouse cursor, how to make mouse courser to now follow where you actually type when asked for?

Thank you

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