CapsLock to Ctrl over Remote desktop to a Mac

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CapsLock to Ctrl over Remote desktop to a Mac

Post by johanlinderoth » 23 Mar 2020, 03:57

I'm pretty new to AHK!

I have mapped CapsLock to Ctrl like this

SetCapsLockState, AlwaysOff

It works just as expected in Windows. ctrl-c, ctrl-v, etc, no capslock, no problems!

Problems arise when I access my Mac over remote desktop (I'm using the NuoRDS RDP server on the Mac)

The Ctrl-mapping works as expected but it also flips the Caps-Lock state!?

Any idea why this happens? Is there any simple AHK solution to the problem?

The System prefs / Keyboard / Modifier keys setting on the Mac only affects the keyboard connected to the Mac

Best regards Johan

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