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Get help with using AutoHotkey and its commands and hotkeys
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ello  Topic is solved

Post by Karollll123 » 22 Jan 2021, 06:28

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Re: Help with running the script only in one application, and with gui appearance.

Post by mikeyww » 22 Jan 2021, 06:57

Code: Select all

menuText := "Change valid process name", keyToChange := "F2", color1 := "Yellow", color2 := "White"
Menu, Tray, NoStandard
Menu, Tray, Add, %menuText%, Change
Menu, Tray, Add
Menu, Tray, Standard
Menu, Tray, Default, %menuText%
Menu, Tray, Click, 1
Gui, Font, s12
Gui, Color, % color := color1
Gui, Add, Text,, Enter a valid process name
Gui, Add, Text, y+2, without extension (e.g., notepad).
Gui, Add, Edit, y+16 vvalidProc
Gui, Add, Button, x+m Default, OK
Hotkey, %keyToChange%, Change, On
Change: ; Change the valid process name
Gui, Show, w300, %keyToChange% = Valid process name
Send ^a

F3:: ; Change the GUI color
Gui, Color, % color := color = color1 ? color2 : color1
SoundBeep, 1500, 30

Gui, Submit
MsgBox, 64, Valid process name, %validProc%.exe

Gui, Hide

valid(proc) {
 WinGet, thisProc, ProcessName, A
 Return thisProc = proc ".exe"

; Main script ====================================

#If valid(validProc) ; Hotkeys and hotstrings that will work only in the valid program
F4::MsgBox, 64, Success, Success!
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