Left click at coordinates then Esc Topic is solved

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Left click at coordinates then Esc

Post by essie94 » 22 Jan 2021, 14:26

Hi to all you smart people!

I've been researching and playing around for a couple of hours now, looking for the answer :sick:

Can someone please write me a code that will allow my system to automatically:

1. Left click once at X:713 and Y:393 every 60 minutes
2. Press the {Esc} key, 5 seconds after that. (point 1)

Repeat, until manually stopped.

Also let it run Persistently (in the background)

This will help me so much!
Thank You in advance!!! :D
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Re: PLZ HELP. Left click at coordinates then Esc  Topic is solved

Post by mikeyww » 22 Jan 2021, 14:49

Code: Select all

#MaxThreadsPerHotkey 2

SetTimer, Cycle, % (go := !go) ? 3600000 : "Off"
SoundBeep, go  ? 1500 : 1000, 30
If go
 Gosub, Cycle

Click, 713, 393
Sleep, 5000
Send % go ? "{Esc}" :
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