G-Subroutine executes only once

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G-Subroutine executes only once

Post by braunbaer » 24 Jan 2021, 17:03


I have a GUI with a listbox and several buttons, each button associated with a label.

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gui S3Gui:new, +DelimiterTab +HwndGui3Hwnd,Find files
gui font,s12

gui Add, Edit, x15 w500 -multi vS3Searchtext, %SearchText%
gui Add, Button, gS3search x+m yp-3 vS3search Default, Search file
gui Add, Button, gS3getfile vS3get x+m yp, Get file
gui Add, Button, gS3Viewfile vS3View x+m yp, View file
gui Add, Button, gS3gotofile vS3goto x+m yp, Goto file


S3GetFile() {
    Debugtitle("S3GetFile"), debug("S3LB={}",S3LB)
    gui submit, noHide
    h:=regexmatch(S3LB,"^(.+) \(([0-9.]+)(K|M|G)B[^)]+\)$",X)
    WriteToQueue(1, {url:"", name:X1, size:Megabytes(X2,X3), host:"", time1:A_NowUTC, time2:""})
    s:="Queued download for file`n" . X1, debug(s)
When I click on a button - for example Get file, this works perfectly fine, S3getfile is executed normally.
But when after that I select another line of the listbox and click the button again, nothing happens. The function S3Getfile is not executed any more.
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Re: G-Subroutine executes only once

Post by mikeyww » 24 Jan 2021, 17:13


I suspect that important parts of the problem are missing from the post.

At the least, there is no way for the user to test your script.
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Re: G-Subroutine executes only once

Post by just me » 25 Jan 2021, 11:45

Did you close the MsgBox from S3GetFile()?
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