Automation AnyWhere Aspects of a module

Discuss Robotics Process Automation. RPA is a rapidly growing field with 6 figure incomes and an extreme workforce shortage. This sub forum will be used to discuss aspects of RPA as it relates to both scripting languages and RPA software such as UIPath or Automation Anywhere
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Automation AnyWhere Aspects of a module

Post by tank » 29 Mar 2019, 23:33

I have written a few workplace artifacts that I want to share. First we describe a main task. It should contain little or no logic. It is simply a place to tie all other modules together into one automation. After that there is an attached word document that while specific to Automation Anywhere could be used to describe any module
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Re: Automation AnyWhere Aspects of a module

Post by burque505 » 30 Mar 2019, 10:11

Thanks, tank! Very useful. As tank says, the concepts he describes will apply basically across the board in RPA (and, for that matter, BPM to some degree).

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Re: Automation AnyWhere Aspects of a module

Post by Tigerlily » 31 Mar 2019, 04:00

This is really great to see what is happening in the real world of automation. Thanks for sharing, tank. Much appreciated!

Nice visual and detailed process documentation like this is actually applicable to most businesses - and I wish more businesses were keen on process. I see a lot of business fail / lose / shortsell themselves due to poor process, and furthermore poor process documentation. It doesn't matter if the business is a mom-and-pop shop, up-and-coming start up, mid-level business, or giant enterprise behemoth: they all have many areas to improve upon this crucial aspect of business longevity. At most jobs I've worked at (and I've worked at a LOT of places), I end up running into this issue. I am often the one who points it out and does something to improve it. It is sort of annoying to be honest :P I sometimes feel like a nerd. I am elated when I join a business who is actively killing it on this front :D

I beleive that (as you are showing above) great process comes from great planning and preparation. There is a certain art to setting oneself or their team up for success by providing/creating the necessary planning/design tools needed for good process. Giving yourself the time to work through these processes thoroughly could end up saving an unpredictable amount of future hours/money/exhaustion due to overlooked inconsistencies and inefficiencies.

Here is a random Blue Prism module I came across (for comparison):

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