Discuss Robotics Process Automation. RPA is a rapidly growing field with 6 figure incomes and an extreme workforce shortage. This sub forum will be used to discuss aspects of RPA as it relates to both scripting languages and RPA software such as UIPath or Automation Anywhere
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Post by tank » 09 Jul 2019, 08:23

So I am going on a bit of a short rant about AA (Automation Anywhere), the so called big boy in the market.
Subject: DB queries
Here is the skivvy. I have to connect to an Oracle DB, Execute 2 queries and store the results in a file. GODAMN EASY ASK RIGHT!!!!. I had the first query working perfectly yesterday. Exports 934 records to csv. I am quite happy with the result. Today I come in and add the second query. again it executes perfectly giving me 39 records. :bravo: execute them both and i only get results from the second query. :facepalm: :wtf: take the second query out and the first one fails wtf. :trollface: So I did the only logical thing I tested the fuxxing query with AutoHotkey.......934 records. :headwall: not a problem with the query at all, not a problem with the db, not some sort of cache problem just AA being damn retarded.

What kind of madness have any of you seen with RPA software? Share your story.
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