AHK via Warewolf-ESB

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AHK via Warewolf-ESB

Post by burque505 » 24 Jul 2019, 12:39

Even though Warewolf is an Enterprise Service Bus application, it's sufficiently RPA-like to be included in this topic, I think. Although the github repository, once compiled (open source, free), will eat up about 10GB of your disk and make you jump through hoops to start and stop the service, it really works pretty well with AutoHotkey.Interop so far.

The company is (or was) out of Ireland. When you open up the app you might imagine a certain Warren Zevon song playing.

Granted, the logo, the theme (Luna - no kidding) and the werewolf howl that accompanies some of the videos may evoke visions of programmers with really bushy eyebrows that meet in the middle chugging Red Bull mixed with Jameson, scowling at their computers, but this platform is REALLY feature-rich. Python, JS, Ruby, CMD, COM, DotNet DLLs, all supported. Lots of videos and tutorials. Aaah-OOOH . . . Warewolf is here.
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