Discuss Robotics Process Automation. RPA is a rapidly growing field with 6 figure incomes and an extreme workforce shortage. This sub forum will be used to discuss aspects of RPA as it relates to both scripting languages and RPA software such as UIPath or Automation Anywhere
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Post by burque505 » 24 Apr 2020, 17:01

Please have a look at RoboIntern. The website describes the platform as "RPA-like", and indeed it is.

The UI is modern and, in my opinion, well executed.

The scheduling component appears to be quite well done also. You can chain activities; I've got the compatibility set to run as Admin, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that tasks being run (so far anyway) don't trigger UAC prompts. Nice! Even if you never used it for anything else, seems like a really great scheduler. You can start and stop scheduling with no hassles, and you can set it to run when Windows starts (I almost never do that with anything).

There are some MS Office activities built in that are missing in many other RPA platforms, notably Access.

The features page lists the scripting capability available as of today. Besides being able to run arbitrary programs, you can run Python, Javascript, PowerShell, and VB.NET scripts.

I created a sample task that ran a Robin script that, in turn, ran an AutoHotkey script that passed a variable back to the Robin script, set to trigger every five minutes, and Bob's your uncle. No hiccups at all.

Caveat: as you might expect with a project like this where the developer (developers?) is/are probably also Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, the documentation is sparse.

However, although many "no-code/low code" solutions claim to be intuitive and aren't, RoboIntern actually is intuitive.

I recommend trying the examples, but changing the trigger for each to "No trigger", i.e., manually run, when starting out. You'll get some harmless error messages otherwise, as far as I can tell resulting from chaining of the examples. A more patient person than I won't have that problem. :D

Looking forward to other people's experiences and thoughts on this one. I like it.

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