Report False-Positives To Anti-Virus Companies

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Re: Report False-Positives To Anti-Virus Companies

Post by slechtwere » 26 Jun 2020, 09:40

I appreciate the effort you put in this answer. This keeps the thread alive and other people will read this too. :thumbup:
But it's not for me. You know, i'm a gardener and almost in retirement. Never earned money with programming or scripting. Yes, for some time I had a (small) leading role and worked with pre-defined office templates. If I wanted to change things my boss said I spent to much time for my administrative tasks!
But in the 90's I had an Amstrad (464?) personal computer where you had to load programs on casette or floppy's and if you wanted to make things work personally for you you had to program it in Basic (sure you know this but some youngsters who read this would be amazed). Commands, AHK and Visual Basic, I like to experiment with it only to keep my brain cells active. Creating unimportant programs like generating lottery numbers based on personal dates or names and so... Well, the program works but I'm still not a millionaire! :D
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Re: Report False-Positives To Anti-Virus Companies

Post by Sam_ » 30 Jun 2020, 14:36

Symantec has identified parts of AutoHotkey_1.1.33.00_setup.exe as malicious based on heuristic rules. I have submitted it to them as a false positive, but now I have corporate Incident Response breathing down my neck (not that I blame them, it's their job to stay on top of any and all potential threats, even tho this doesn't constitute one). Sadly, significant damage to AutoHotkey's reputation has just been done.


Post by Martinspake » 05 Dec 2020, 13:01

AVG and Avast are two of the best free anti virus programs out there. I use Avast, because AVG has been known to take up RAM on the computer. Just about everyone that I know that deals with computers uses Avast with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and Firefox with the AdBlock Plus add-on, No Flash add on and NoScript add-on.
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Re: Report False-Positives To Anti-Virus Companies

Post by joedf » 05 Dec 2020, 14:14

I personally use Windows Security / Microsoft Defender and MalwareBytes. And addtionally for programs I don't trust, I use Sandboxie. :+1:
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Re: Report False-Positives To Anti-Virus Companies

Post by Janusz » 21 Dec 2020, 09:08

I have found out, that politeness, kind pleas and reporting false positives created by The Autohodkey developers is really The only one way how to eliminate false positives.

If some author of compiled .exe will suffer because false positive, it is really necessary to send The .exe file for analysis to The corresponding antivirus laboratory.
There is also other problem.
If some antivirus companies do not think, that The practice, that some programming language is based on The routine, when some code is connected to previously compiled .exe by using Compiler is dangerous because of .exe format potential possible corruption.
But in The cause of Autohodkey, it is not true. Autohodkey have been always compiled by Microsoft Visual studio compiler so machine code and format of .exe file is correct.
If ahk2exe add script inside .exe file, it always knows, where to put The script to prevent .exe file corruption. I also know, that Windows contain many complex condition blocks which are protecting users according corrupted .exe files.
Sure. Because Autohodkey belong to The high level programming languages, some hackers can really use it to make a viruses. But virus can be made also in C, Pascal language and in Assembly language too. Sure. It will always depend on The motivation of The programmer. Programming language is only a development tool which can be used or misused.

Thank all of this community, who are making Autohodkey a more and more efficient language. And Autogui and Autohodkey studio allows many programmers to have many positive experience when developing. I would like to congratulate C programmers of Autohodkey for their complex work. Screen readers have good responsiveness when navigating across Autohodkey apps GUI. Fast responsiveness when browsing editable fields, listboxes and other GUI elements is very important. And memory allocations are very very low, very good programmers job. I will try to code with my sighted mother.
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