Sending image to 3rd screen in custom arcade Cab

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Sending image to 3rd screen in custom arcade Cab

Post by ZXman1000 » 23 Jan 2021, 15:17

Hello, I am a complete noob to AHK but am trying to work through the tutorial / help section of the app. I have a question I have seen come up on several other forums and have always seen the response you can do it with an AHK but no one ever seems to post a working code. Thought maybe someone here would have a working code or get me going on the right direction.

I'm using Launchbox and BigBox as a front end in a custom arcade cab with 3 monitors (main, marquee, one in control panel)

What I want to happen is when I launch a game it to put an image on the third monitor (one in cp). I'm hoping to get it to pull the image for controls so you can easily figure out how to play each game you start up.

Hoping if I get this working may be able to set up additional codes to pull different images or even a button that would then scroll through the images associated with the game

Any help or direction would be a huge help.

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