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Script editor, GUI designer, debugger and tools for AutoHotkey
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Re: AutoGUI - Script Editor, GUI Designer, Debugger and Tools

22 Jul 2019, 12:24

Drugwash wrote: Safest solution would be for AutoGui to embed the official template code, search for the presence of the official template and, if missing, use the embedded code.
Some time ago it worked this way. The "else" of "FileExist(Template)", responsible for pasting the embedded code, was discarded because of a tool called "Script Directives" (File > Script Directives), which offers great flexibility in the definition of a template or script preamble created according to the needs. There is a feature missing is this tool, though: the ability to save the current definitions. For a moment I considered to make some room for a tab called Template in Script Directives, perhaps by merging the last two tabs ("Require" and "Includes") into a single tab. The problem is that a "Template Manager" may be more suitable as a separate dialog or submenu in AutoGUI, as templates may not be composed solely of directives (for example, the template for a class or for a GUI) or as part of a "Snippets Manager" (a planned feature).
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Re: AutoGUI - Script Editor, GUI Designer, Debugger and Tools

23 Jul 2019, 13:45

Ah yes, a dedicated tool would be more flexible for extended purposes. Still, maybe a (very) simple and straightforward template should be easily available, next to the option to launch the tool for more complex templates. Considering the improvements in AHK2EXE (script directives) I guess a generic template containing common directives and maybe a handful of user-defined variables could satisfy most users/scripts. Just an opinion. :)
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Re: AutoGUI - Script Editor, GUI Designer, Debugger and Tools

16 Aug 2019, 04:34

I like AutoGui very much. At the moment i'm only missing the possibility of relative positioning of the controls in the code. I like to see positioning with wp, hp, xp, yp xm, ym etc and maybe xs, ys. May be this could be built in the Alignmenttools. Perhaps as an option.

Thank you very much for your very helpful program.

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