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RAWM - League of Legends Script

26 Nov 2015, 06:13


[*]Rawm is a script for the popular game League of legends.

[*]1 up to 3 account support AUTO login
[*]Start / Restart League of Legends (incase your game crashes at anytime or you want to login to another account)
[*]Maximize League of Legends Window (if it opens in the corner during loading)
[*]Ablity to chose install location for League of Legends (in case you have it installed somewhere else but the default location)
[*]Auto Accept Games
[*]Works in ALL resolutions![/b]

Big THANKS to the following:
tidbit, Snow_Flake, Latem5, AfterLemon, Tomoe_Uehara, and Cappuccino

Download:(includes everything needed and script and .exe)
http://www.mediafire.com/download/x2iz7 ... _2.3.7.rar


Change Log:
- Bug Fixes
- LoL updated some positons of their buttons. So we readjusted our script
- When match found it clicks the accept button and jumps back to your mouse position just right before the click. also activates the window, that was active right before.
- Added a "Menu" button in the right click menu to jump back right before the gui code. So it will open the beginning GUI.
- Added stringreplacements for the Hotkey messagebox (^ = Ctrl ! = Alt)
- new pixels for the accept button click to also achieve to close the connection lost error message box
- changed delete config button to Ctrl + Alt + F5 , because F5 gets way too often used to refresh a page for example
-added "contact us", added right click menu for system tray, added multi-resolution support, fixed more bugs, changed the way the script was written, added more variables
-added customized hotkeys, fixed a few bugs, rewrote some coding
-Rawm was born originally called Relaunch and Auto Login and Window Max.

Ideas for the future:
[*]Auto Accept ToS for league
[*]Slidebar or something of the sort to let the user adjust speed of the sleep times where needed to make the script faster or slower
[*]LoL chat without logging into league
[*]Auto join a que (options for certain ques)
[*]Remote login + matchsearch via smartphone
[*]Crypt the password in the config file (its currently open to show the password) (need fixed)

A small picture Guide:


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