Shell extension to show cover icons of media files?

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Shell extension to show cover icons of media files?

10 Dec 2015, 17:25

There is a tool calles icaros which seems to be able to display cover icons of media files instead of the default icon.
For mp4 and mp3 files for example Windows already handles that automatically, but for mkv files it doesn't.
From what I heared icaros does that using shell extensions. ... 85%29.aspx

Now the questions is, how exactly does that work? Has anyone done something like that with autohotkey before?
I mean I don't even really know what a shell extension is. Do you have to run a background service to keep them alive or is it like a plugin? Can this even be done with AHK?
And which handler would I need to use? The Icon handler, the Thumbnail Image handler or maybe the Icon Overlay handler?

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