Looking for web design employees. Make some fast cash.

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Looking for web design employees. Make some fast cash.

08 Jan 2014, 13:10

Hey guys, a friend and I are starting up a customizable web-hosting business where we will basically be the internet presence for companies. We will offer custom build web-servers and offer to build websites and do all the web-hosting. This is purely business related so our customers will all be licensed businesses. Currently, we have a wash of 10 new clients that all need websites. We can host them all fairly quickly, but seeing as we only have 1 very-unexperienced web-developer (me), we (I) won't be able to build 10 websites for 10 clients in a feasable amount of time.

I am looking for experienced web-designers that can build websites for businesses from the ground up. We will give any type of access to the servers that you need (with exceptions of course) and I we will negotiate prices. I am able to pay you via PayPal or via other means that we can discuss.

If you are interested in making some fast cash for web-developing, please shoot me a PM.

I would prefer an email at 'ehawkins [@] virtualeu [.] com'

I will be able to give you my Cell number in private to discuss matters further. I am in need of web-designers quickly, so act fast. :)

Thanks guys!
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