Setting up auto game play

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Setting up auto game play

22 Jan 2016, 15:10

so i need help with working out my script for some key press and mouse click for a game i play.
What i want to do with this script is that it will refresh my browser every 2 hours. then after refresh and game load (takes 1-2 minutes for loading), i want my mouse to click several buttons to put my game into AFK Mode. so i wrote this

Code: Select all

SetTimer, PressTheKey,7200000

Send, {Browser_Refresh}
Send, {Enter}

SetMouseDelay, 120000
MouseClick, left, 446, 719
MouseClick, left, 921, 717
MouseClick, left, 900, 667
The problem i having is that the refresh part will work. but then the rest wont.
please help!!
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Re: Setting up auto game play

23 Jan 2016, 11:10

it is a browser game. and the refreshing part is working just fine. it is the later part that i need help with. after refreshing i want the mouse to auto click to start my in game AFK function. This later part is the one that is not working. I dont know why. Please help because im a super noob at AHK

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