Fastkeys - ahk clone(d) and sold? Topic is solved

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Fastkeys - ahk clone(d) and sold?  Topic is solved

11 Jan 2014, 06:27

At you can find a program called fastkeys which is by the looks of it (I just looked into the the installer) a repackaged AutoHotkey with some window dressing, you can see AHK scripts there - I think the exe is just a renamed autohotkey.exe + a copy of ahk_h.exe in there as well. For sale for 9.95 - is that allowed? (Note: I haven't looked into it too much so perhaps credit is given somewhere but I don't see a license, AHK is mentioned in the help file)

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Re: Fastkeys - ahk clone(d) and sold?

11 Jan 2014, 07:32

It seems to be more like a package of premade scripts than an attempt to sell AHK itself.
AutoHotkey is mentioned on the main page and it links to the documentation/download.
Please visit our Forums for more information and support. Simply create your own shortcuts or commands as FastKeys supports user commands and scripts based on powerful Autohotkey scripting language. Please visit Autohotkey website for extensive Documentation for creating user scripts or visit user support Forums for examples and many ready-to-use commands.
I agree it seems unfair to sell something that in theory anyone could just write a script for, but I don't think this is illegal.

Re: Fastkeys - ahk clone(d) and sold?

08 Feb 2016, 14:12

FastKeys is just a frontend for AHK -
What it does is let the casual user (i.e. non-programmer type) use AHK very simply, without any programming knowledge - reading of manuals (RTFM), or digging through the forums (like the rest of us).

I believe it is written in AHK.
And I believe the AHK license lets users create commercial products using AHK with notice of the source.
And if it bothers you; you can create the UI on your own; BUT WHY? The UI for FastKeys is slick; and, the $10 license fee is quite reasonable and group licensing is available.

We use it in our medical group to help with documentation and manipulation of our EMR. Most docs are pretty smart (?) but definitely NOT programmers! So, we have created a series of scrips to facility patient documentation, and automation of the EMR.

FastKeys allows the casual user to easily create their own Text Expansion (HotStrings) w/o any programing or coding. And automates much of the AHK script creation as well.

Currently we are testing in our group and will soon release enterprise wide; our group extends from Florida to west Texas.

I highly recommend it, feel it is a legitimate use of AHK, with a very fair license price.

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Re: Fastkeys - ahk clone(d) and sold?

08 Feb 2016, 14:27

LinearSpoon wrote:I agree it seems unfair to sell something that in theory anyone could just write a script for, but I don't think this is illegal.
With this license, I'm pretty sure it's not illegal, as Guest said.

However, I want to comment that "unfair" is subjective. Anyone could write any program, if they were to learn the language. The appeal of AHK is it's meant to be easy to learn, but there are still people who will struggle with that or just don't have the time. That is a market to which you can bring forth a way to make things even easier for people get the benefit of AHK. While many AHK users would be willing to make a program like FastKeys for free or cheaper, if someone else did it first, they can charge if they'd like. Introducing a competitor could be fine, though I don't know what kind of copyright stuff you're trudging into or how the AHK license supersedes that, if at all.

Re: Fastkeys - ahk clone(d) and sold?

08 Feb 2016, 14:42

Anyone can write / create any program, should they choose to. Go write your own Word-processor - Spreadsheet - Presentation program - WAIT - that has been done - you can spend big bucks for Micro$oft, or get OpenOffice, etc. You could still create your own.

So - it is fair if the provider has done the work to create a product. It is fair if the end user sees that product as having value to them and is willing to pay the price to use it. It is fair for those who may be disgruntled to re-create the same or a similar program from scratch on their own (not a copy). It is fair for that disgruntled person to also license and sell that "new" program should they choose to.

Just my $9.95


I chose to purchase the FastKeys UI

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